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Re: Pan and zoom photo slides black out or flicker

  •  11-25-2009, 16:28

    Re: Pan and zoom photo slides black out or flicker


    I too have this problem and it is driving me nuts - as a lot of issues with Studio do. I use Version 10.8 with Vista Home Premium.

    I successfully made a 2h10m slide show with transitions and pan and zoom on each slide - with about a dozen exceptions, which were discovered  after the DVD was burned. these exceptions were all black.

     So I started the next sequence and was proceeding normally when suddenly the Pan and Zoom edit screen went black and no slide will show up for edit. Also, the slide show will not play on the editing screen. The only thing I can see is the title created at the beginning of the slide show.

    As for aux files- I have no idea what or where they are.

    Also the first slide show used up 70 gigabytes in rendering, and for the life of me I can't recover that memory. I am now using an external Maxtor drive of 279 GB for studio use only including the program itself.

    I sure would like some advice in simple language for my simple and 67 year old melting brain.

     Xin Ciao.

    Hi Mod, Don has great advice to help fix this problem. Try it out see how it goes and keep us posted.
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