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Re: Studio 14 HD & Double-layer DVDs

  •  11-19-2009, 14:40

    Re: Studio 14 HD & Double-layer DVDs


     Hey Guys,

    Here is some remarks of my experiences with Studio 14 Ultimate:

    I have had succesfull result with my project creating BlueRay disk based on material created SONY TR7 (HQ) camcorder.
    I created BD files first on hard drive and then burned BD with Nero 9 using LG BD drive. This works jus fine.

    The problem what I have encountered after that is that when I create DVD using exactly same material with HQ quality setting in Studio,
    files are created on hard drive ok but some selections on my menu doesn´t work. I try to watch the material from hard
    drive using PowerDVD 7 Ultra and Nero ShowTime both programs just hangs.

    Despite of that I tried to burn DL DVD with Nero because filesizes are 5,8 GB. I was not successfull and following lines found on Nero log:

    23:16:03 #3 DVDREALLOC -19 File DVDVideoCompilation.cpp, Line 1323
     File size is not a multiple of a logical block size (2 KB)
    23:16:03 #4 Phase 115 File dlgbrnst.cpp, Line 1767
     DVD-Video files reallocation failed

    It seems to me that there must be a fault in Studio when creating DL material because if I use "Automatic" setting and create 4,7 GB DVD
    then DVD works ok but with loss of material quality, of course.

    I hope that Pinnacle will take some actions to solve the problem with DL creation.

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