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AW: JPsEffect

  •  11-19-2009, 2:36

    AW: JPsEffect

    thanks ingolf for your help, but it didn't work for me.
    finally I got it fixed and here are the steps i did.

    first I deleted all the files in these directories:

    C:/users/public/documents/pinnacle/program files (x86)/Pinnacle/studio14/Programs/PlugIns/RTFx

    C:/programs (x86)/Pinnacle/Studio 14/Plugins/RTFx/HfxXML

    C:/ProgramData/Pinnacle/Pinnacle Studio Ultimate Collection/

    then I made a copy of the c:/programs (x86)/Pinnacle/Studio 14/Plugins/RTFx/JPsEffects.fex and placed it to my desktop. then I overwrite the original JPsEffects.fex with the copied one (I know this sounds strange but that’s what JP told me to do :))

    finally I started studio 14 as administrator. and there they are, the JPsEffects

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