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Re: SC200 / 250 Power supply / Remote Issues

  •  11-09-2009, 12:41

    Re: SC200 / 250 Power supply / Remote Issues

    Yes, that's another success.  The problem was exactly as your document says, even down to the same capacitor being blown.  The cap had obviously got hot, because that white goo they use to hold them in position had gone brown and crispy.

     Maplins didn't have the direct equivalent capacitor for the 22uF / 400V one, so I used a 47uF / 450V one, which was rather larger than the original one, but it pushed to the side (overhanging the board) and then no problem.

     Thanks, runningdeere, for the info for a couple of pounds my showcenter is back working again.

     (Note for non-UK people - Maplins is an electronic store, like Radio Shack is in the USA)

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