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AW: Re: AW: Liquid will not export/exports blank files

  •  09-07-2009, 6:31

    AW: Re: AW: Liquid will not export/exports blank files

    Good point; this is not the best solution but in fact it is allowed. How else would you be able to run Liquid on a laptop, as they typically have only one physical hard drive.

    If it is a render problem at all then it should appear with other sequences as well, so a simple test would be to create a blank sequence, import a still picture and apply a classic effect on it. If it renders fine and the sequence could be exported to a file, then at least the render path is valid. It might be a problem of too less space on the drive since the duration of the file is about one hour.

    Another idea: Typically the path name includes only backslashes but this one shows also a slash between render and score. Change that either to c:\documents and settings\mary\my documents\avid liquid\data\render\score  or create a new directory c:\documents and settings\mary\my documents\avid liquid\data\render_new and direct then to that location. Or just try another drive.


    Many problems like that can be narrowed down to:

    1. Too less space on the destination drive
    2. Somewhere is a clip referring to media which is not longer available.
    3. Wrong path to render folder
    4. When the rendering doesn't work any longer with any sequence or project, then sometimes installing Liquid again solves the problem.

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