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AW: Liquid will not export/exports blank files

  •  09-07-2009, 2:39

    AW: Liquid will not export/exports blank files

    First go to position 01:00:47.05 and maginfy that region. Maybe there's a single frame cutoff on any track and Liquid doesn't find media for that clip. This could be caused by referring to media on removable media. Delete then the clip. If that's not the reason. Try to fuse the sequence. If it works, put the fused clip in a new sequence and export then that sequence. It it doesn't work, divide the sequence into two halfs and try to export both halfs. If one fails, you know where to search for the cause. Divide the broken part again into two halfs.. That way you can rather quick find out where the error sits exactly.

    If nothing works: Check if the render path directs to a valid location and make sure there's enough free space available. Better check that at first. 

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