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AW: Re: A Possible Buyer with a couple of questions

  •  08-28-2009, 7:01

    AW: Re: A Possible Buyer with a couple of questions

    You need a serial number for both Liquid and TitleDeko Pro; they are typically on the CD's sleeve. The cd is not copy protected, so you could make a safety copy. The most important things are the serial numbers and the projects. If you capture your material always from tapes that have timecode and you capture it using the logging tool, you can batch digitize it years later again, so you don't really need to make safety copies of that media files. Copying the projects folder once a day / week to another physical storage will lower the risk of loosing the work of several days or weeks.


    BTW: As Liquid is a 32 bit application it couldn't make use of more than 4 GB memory. (In fact it uses a maximum of 2.5 GB only). The only supported OS for Liquid is Windows XP SP2 32 bit, so if you use this OS only, more than having 4 GB in the system wouldn't make sense.

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