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Re: I'm bored

  •  07-28-2009, 12:25

    Re: I'm bored

    ""The tiny videocams that account for a big share of recent hardware sales shoot in formats Studio does not properly support"

    I could be wrong, but this looks to me like a fragmentation of the home video market.  The new cams do indeed favor applications like Youtube or other web sites.  I may be just stodgy, but I have no interest in making videos for the web.  My focus is on family events and that will remain my focus.  I did some research on the cams with flash memory but as near as I can tell they will not match the quality of the miniDV cams.  If I am wrong about this, please tell me because I would really like to move to a camcorder with few if any moving parts. 

    It was a mistake, as Smetvid points out, to announce the end of Liquid before having a replacement ready.  A much smarter approach would have been to offer an occasional small upgrade (such as a plug in converter for incompatible formats now and then) until the replacement is ready.  But then, there are things we all could have done better and smarter, aren't there?


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