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Studio 12 crashes when changing text in Pinnacle Montage

  •  05-13-2009, 1:17

    Studio 12 crashes when changing text in Pinnacle Montage

    Recently I replaced Studio 11 with Studio 12, because I heard that Studio 12 is more stable.

    Indeed, I see some improvements. I could render a project with more than 40 scenes, without a single hanging Studio Smile, which with Studio 11 would never complete Sad.

    Now I want to use some new features, of which Pinnacle Montage seems interesting. However, this seem to be very instable. I tried the album. I have no problem to drop video and stills at the right places. But as soon as I try to change the text "Your text here" to something else, Windows reports an error and terminates the program Crying. Without the possibility to change the text, this tool is unusable.I have tried to search the forum, but I could not find other contributions mentioning this problem. Am I the only one? Huh?

    I have tried it many, many times. The strange thing is that it succeeded once and after that I could modify the changed text again and again. But by mistake I deleted this project Embarrassed and when I tried to start over, I was unable to create the album with my own text again.

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