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Re: Video Capture for Mac - Encoding Quality?

  •  02-19-2009, 16:36

    Re: Video Capture for Mac - Encoding Quality?

    I understand a product like the need for a product such as the PVT for no-brainer usage, but the Dazzle has always been the most verstile product of quality on Windows (I owned two in the past few years).  I was thinking the Mac version would be the same, plus the onboard MP4 hardware encoder.  But you are telling me that there is nothing to do as of bitrate or even a switch to turn off the automatic encoding, which by the way is way to compressed to get a decent output from the Dazzle to edit and way too much artifacts are showing on the finished MP4.

    Is there a beta program or anything that can permit to play around with more advanced features (after all, I'm an analyst-programmer by day and geek by night ;) )


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