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Re: What is the ideal setting for the highest DVD quality?

  •  01-10-2009, 6:50

    Re: What is the ideal setting for the highest DVD quality?

    Maybe the basic misunderstanding comes from how the question was originally stated "what is the ideal setting to acheive the highest quality DVD from my movies". In Studio (and I'm assuming Studio 12) "Make a Movie" is a tab that has a specific function. That function is to take the video content that has already been created and burn it to disk in a way that gives you an optimal result visually. If the project has a problem at this point (normal video and squished stills) burning a DVD ("Make a Movie") will not change that. The settings I use for "Make a Movie" are: "Disc Type" = DVD, "Video Quality" = Automatic Quality, uncheck "Use Progressinve Encoding", check "Always Re-Encode Entire Movie". These aettings for me have always been the best and have never disappointed me.

    My hunch is that the original question may not have inquried about only that. In Studio the default project setting (the "Edit" tab) is that the entire project (stills and video clips) all take on the aspect ratio of the first still or video clip dropped into the project. So, if a video clip in 4:3 ratio is dropped into the project first then the entire project is assumed to have an aspect ratio of 4:3. When stills are dropped into the project they will appear "squished" if they are in a 16:9 (or so) ratio. The only way to solve the problem is to use a video plug-in re-size each still so that it will match the 4:3 ratio.

     That's the idea, anyway. Stills would be "stretched" if the first clip of a new project is 16:9 and the stills are 4:3. So the problem is really in the "Edit" phase and not the "Make Movie" phase. Maybe I'm missing the boat on this one but it seems like the misunderstandings and miscommunications have been related to terms. Hope this helps and that everyone has a good day!

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