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Have a Problem but what?

  •  01-04-2009, 13:43

    Have a Problem but what?

    Hi I seen to have a problem with when making DVD with menu the menu renders in green have tried different menus same problem

    2. tried different project and its hit or miss will render sometimes

    3. screen seems a bit more pixal than normal 

    4 changed graphics card everything seemed ok even screen seem ok and burned ok but its now back to the same state as the 1st card

    5 I know you say to up date drivers but this computer is not connected to internet and use for pinnacle  and has worked for a year why would I have to change drivers?

    6. also messed around trying to get a second output to tv before this problem and did a restore back 7 days to try and resolve problem seem to work but again after a while back to problem state

    S11U   2.66ghz duo / xp /  4gb ram / 400gbhd Nvidia 8500gt 512mb or 7800gt 256mb graphics card

    Downloading at moment  latest GC drivers 178.24

    Any help and advice would be very grateful

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