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Re: Question about how 3rd Party Lower Thirds work

  •  11-19-2008, 8:54

    Re: Question about how 3rd Party Lower Thirds work

    The content was video.  Not at all trying to advertise for these guys, but this is the video I bought:


    It was for my  daughter's introduction video.


    On their site, they say:  so I guess there is some type of alpha channel.  Is that something that I can create in Studio 12?

    Q:  "Which editing systems are these animations compatible with?"
    Works on all computer- based video editing systems able to read and import QuickTime or AVI files. Keyable animations such as Lower Thirds, Overlays and Design Elements contain alpha channels. For DVD packs you must have a local DVD-ROM. QuickTime 6 or greater recommended. Directly importable into After Effects, BorisRed or similar compositing software.


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