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Finished first Project with Studio 12 Ultimate.

  •  11-19-2008, 6:50

    Finished first Project with Studio 12 Ultimate.

    I just finished my first project with Studio 12.

    It was a DVD (actually a set of DVDs) for my son's football and my daughter's cheerleader team (they play/cheer for the same team).

    The main DVD was a Season Highlight DVD.  It was around 33 minutes.

    It contained the following:

    1 song used for football training camp video
    3 songs used for Football Highlight videos
    1 song used for cheer highlight video
    Football player introductions
    Cheerleader introductions
    1 slower song used for photo slideshow
    1 song used for credits and a few blooper clips

    I had used Studio 9 before making videos of family trips and stuff.  I bought Studio 12 earlier this year and had done one small highlight clip of my son's summer league football team.  But this was the first project of this size I had taken on.  

    I really liked being able to use Boris Graffitt.  I'm actually considering getting some more of their full version products now.

    I also ended up buying the ability to edit Transitions.  This added a lot to the video.  During the player introductions, I replaced the stock photo on the transition with one I created with a bunch of football helmets.  It gave the intros a really nice look....

    We had our end-of-season party this past Sunday and watched the video.  I can't tell you how many great responses I got about the video.

    For the football players, I also included full game footage of each game of the season.  For the cheerleaders, I included all halftime performances, camps, and season ending performance...

    Now that I'm done with this project and have time again, I want to start playing with options to better edit AVCHD clips.  I guess uncompressing them first is the way to go.  I just didn't want to make a change during the middle of a project.  But now that I'm done, I think I'll make some changes to my workflow.  It's really too bad, Studio (or my Canon Utilities) doesn't provide this functionally.  

    Anyway, thanks to anyone who answered any of my questions on the forums.

    I just wanted to post something positive.  It seems like most every other post is complaining about something.


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