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Boris Graffiti running our of memory during Make Movie

  •  11-04-2008, 15:44

    Boris Graffiti running our of memory during Make Movie

    I've making a DVD for my son's football team.

     The part of the project I'm working on now, is the player introductions.  Each player is standing there with a Boris Graffiti animated lower third on top which is customized with the players name and number.  It also has a animated team name on one side....

     Anyway, while editing, it will completely render and I can play it there.  But if I go to Make Movie and select either file or Disc, shortly afterwards, I get an error message that says:

    There is not enough memory avialble to complete the operation. 

    The pop-up window is a Boris Graffiti window...  Anyway, has anyone found a solution to an issue like this.  I've already tried copying everything to a new timeline, but I get the same problem. 

     I guess my solution may be to make a bunch of small files (one for each player) then combine them into one video....  That's just a pain as there are 18 players and 6 coaches....

     Once finished the video is only about 3 minutes.  I guess the issue is just related to so many different Boris Graffiti objects.

    thanks for any suggestions.




    System Info:

    Intel Quad 6600, Intel DP35DP Motherboard, 4 GB Ram, mulitple hard drives/DVD burners, Vista 32 Bit, Studio 12.1, VisionTek HD2600 512MB video card. 

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