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Re: Black & White with no sound : Movie Box

  •  11-01-2008, 21:29

    Re: Black & White with no sound : Movie Box


    Nope its just a VHS VCR.   There is no s-video on it, I'm getting hte s-vdeo connected through a scart adapter.  ie the cable goes from scart on the vcr to s-video+audio on my moviebox.

    There you go then -   there simply is no proper Svideo signal available to feed the moviebox - scart/cable with Svideo connections or not. (That is unless you have a very specific model JVC VHS machine that actually does output Svdeo vie the scart connector)

    IMO the management of the moviebox's via their drivers and Studio suck, and often require very specific and consistent signals to make things work on the analogue video feeds.


    From experience:

    1. Start Studio, go to capture mode and set the input to composite, chose PAL/NTSC and check VCR input.

    2. Shut down Studio and then the whole machine.

    3. Put your video tape in the VCR and hit play (You do off-course have a VCR outputting a proper std PAL signal and not a "converted to PAL" thing, and you do have a proper PAL tape with no Macrovision copy protection on it ................ yes?)

    4. Start the PC and Studio and you should now have proper preview and capture ability.


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