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Re: Title fonts in 12.1

  •  10-30-2008, 8:41

    Re: Title fonts in 12.1

    I'm using the latest build ( of Studio 12 Ultimate and have been having this problem since the original release. Certain fonts don't appear as they should be. My workaround has been to create an empty project, create all of the titles I need in the fonts I want (for some reason all seems to work normally in a new project). Then I save the project, open up the old project and copy everything from it, open the new project and paste all the stuff from the old project. The fonts in the titles of the new project have always seemed fine for me at this point, but sometimes adding a new title gets the random, funky font. It's very frustrating and I don't know if it's a Studio problem or a Windows/configuration problem. I can say that Studio 9 does not have this problem and never has to my knowledge.

     Hopefully someone can shed some light on this issue... this is the place to come for answers and I certainly appreciate all of you sharing your knowledge.


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