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Re: Thin line of distortion at bottom of capture viewer...

  •  10-27-2008, 23:08

    Re: Thin line of distortion at bottom of capture viewer...

    Zip it!I have commented ad-infinitum on this particular topic and the USB710 (other models too) but the guys at Pinnacle always would have us believe they know better and simply refuse to budge.


    There is already a crop feature built into the drivers for the USB710 Super Angry...................... you are simply actively prevented from accessing and using it by the clever Pinnacle people - just as they are preventing you from using eg WMM to capture via the USB710.


    There is however a workaround for the cropping thing:

    Start Windows Movie Maker and have a look in the USB710 capture device properties - there is a manually selectable cropping feature.

    Set your cropping parameters to your liking and exit WMM - the cropping settings in WMM will stay selected when now using Studio to capture.

    Note that the cropping feature somehow gets canceled on system restart so you therefore have to manually enable it every-time you want to use this intelligent solution



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