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Re: BBC iPlayer WMV9 files

  •  10-26-2008, 13:27

    Re: BBC iPlayer WMV9 files

    Phew I finally got there, wot a mission!!

    Ended up having to install Virtual PC though, as every pc in the house is running Vista with the latest version of media player.  Now got XP Pro running on virtual pc, running media player 10,  this allows fu4wm13fix to do its stuff, although I'm also having to use Mirakagi to access the keys, but it strips out the DRM just fine.  I find Windows Media encoder ok but painfully slow, there must be something else out there that will recode a tad faster, still at least I can now use thr SC200 with i player programmes so shouldn't complain too much!!

    Now that's what I call Plug and Play!!!

    Thanks for the advice, it was invaluable.


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