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Re: BBC iPlayer WMV9 files

  •  10-23-2008, 11:53

    Re: BBC iPlayer WMV9 files

    Hi There, I'm completely new to this forum, I have just purchased a Showcenter 200 with one of the main reasons being to play back BBC iPlayer WMV9 files via Media Player 11.  After setting everything up I pressed play on my first iPlayer file to be greeted with just the audio!! After faffing about for a while I realised video was never going to appear!

    After many years of frustrating computer problems I always find the first place to get the real low down is the user forums so voila, here I am.

    Now I thought to myself ok I can stomach a little inconvieniance converting the files that I have downloaded, so decided on the Tanky way by using Windows Media Encoder 9.  I've not used this converter before but it didn't look too challenging.  Upon trying to convert my first file I'm being told that I need a license to perform the requested operation on this media file.  Any ideas where I'm going wrong? Any ideas will be gratefully accepted.

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