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Re: Which Version of Studio “works” best? – XP based or Vista – I just want the best stable environment

  •  09-18-2008, 8:55

    Re: Which Version of Studio “works” best? – XP based or Vista – I just want the best stable environment

    Hello lostsoulal12,

    What I can tell you is that I have been using my programs using Windows XP and does work pretty good on me. It seems that the specifications you gave on your XP computer seems perfect for Studio 10. What I can recommend to you is to install the latest patch on Studio 10 (which I believe is 10.7). Also you want to check for any updates for your video and audio cards. Also Do Not install the Instant DVD which came with S10. If you have done so, you can remove it by add/remove programs in your computer and maybe (not sure) if you may need to repair the program too (but also do not install the instant DVD) cause this has been causing some problems with Studio. As for your computer using Vista, I am not sure how it works but you will need to download the patch 10.8. Try not to use the internet or other programs you may want to use while making the Disc or Tape. This may cause some interfence unless your computer is a Dual Core, but still I prefer just to leave it alone while you disc is being made (you can just leave it alone before you go to sleep and when you wake up your project will be done). Studio 12 requires to upgrade your video card higher than 256mb and I am having a little bit of trouble when making a Disc due to the quality on disc goes extremely low (but I am still figuring out on how to correct this problem) and also waiting the latest patch to come out pretty soon to see if this problem gets solved. Since you have two computers, use one for your video editings and the other to use it for whatever you might need to use it (internet, games, powerpoint, etc). What I can also recommend you is to buy an external hard drive to capture your videos or store whatever files you want cause once your computer crashes on you, you may need to restore it and will lose all things in your computer. Maybe someone else will give you a better advise than mine. Good Luck.

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