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Re: Disc Quality too poor

  •  09-17-2008, 21:00

    Re: Disc Quality too poor

    Hello Marc P.

    I have not tried the Beta Patch yet. I tried to make the same project again and when I checked "re-encode entire move" or something like that, the percentage changed to a 95% quality (using automatic quality). I have been having problems when making a disk that I always get a real low quality disc for a video of at least 75 minutes or so every time I use S12U. Studio 11U gives me at least a 97% (using automatic quality) while S9 Plus gives me a 100% (using best quality). What a difference. I don't have any problems when making a tape using either programs (well...sometimes), but find a solution to it immediately.

    I have been reading the comments on the Beta Patch and seems there are too many problems with this patch and waiting to hear final results of any corrections being done on this patch. I don't want to install it due to that may have too many problems with it and need to make videos asap for my clients.

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