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Re: Is Switching From Vista 32 to Vista 64 worth it?

  •  09-17-2008, 20:49

    Re: Is Switching From Vista 32 to Vista 64 worth it?


    I've tried a topic search for an answer to this and can't find a straightforward question and answer to what I want to know.

    What I want to know is if it is a big improvement in processing time to go from Vista 32 to Vista 64?  Has anyone started out using Studio 11 or 12 on Windows Vista 32 and then upgraded to Vista 64?  If so, what have your experiences been doing so?  Do you have to re-install everything and then re-input the access codes?  Then after all of that, was the improvement in processing a lot better?

    It is impossible to "upgrade" from a 32 to a 64 bit installation (also the reverse) -  Microsoft doesn't allow that and have not included the tools on the Windows disks .............................. thus you will have to install everything afresh.

     On top of that - you need Microsoft approved drivers for all your hardware in a Vist64 installation , and since Studio is a 32 bit application, anything you do with Studio will be taking a performance hit when compared to Vista32 - and even more so when compared to XP32.

    ............................ and if you don't believe me and try this anyway, there is no "downgrade" path from Vista64 to Vista32 either - Microsoft doesn't allow that ................... requiring yet another complete fresh installation of your whole system and software.


    One really would have thought that Microsoft wanted to actually sell their super-duper (sic!) 64 bit OS and would have tried to make the upgrade from any 32 bit Windows OS to Vista 64 possible ................... but alas


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