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Re: Disc Quality too poor

  •  09-17-2008, 13:05

    Re: Disc Quality too poor

    Hello everyone,

    Its been over a month since I tried making a Disc and the quality comes out too low. I tried making another disc today and came out with only a 12% quality for a video of approx. 70 minutes long. I tried resetting the program, changing the automatic and best quality types, thought the DVD+RW (which has been used several times) was the problem, I placed a new one and still got the 12% quality. I made an AVI File and tried it on S11U and the result I got for this same project was now a 97% (which is not bad) and also I tried it in S9 Plus and gave me a 100% quality. I gave up on making a disc using S12 cause every time I want to make a disc, I get an extremely low percentage rate, while the other ones I have gave me a better disc quality. From now on, I will use either S9 Plus or S11U to make my discs. I don't have any complaints for now on making a tape on S12U, which seems to be working fine for now. I don't think anyone else might be having this same problem as I have.

    I hope this new patch that is coming out might have a solution for this trouble.

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