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Re: Blue exclamation mark in my Project Player screen

  •  09-15-2008, 5:52

    Re: Blue exclamation mark in my Project Player screen

    Hello Beadle,

    Sorry that I didn't get to read your comments much earlier but suggest the following:

    Try to save your projects in your external hard drive as an AVI File ( I usually leave c drive just to render my projects). I have three external hard drives to save my files. Once I am done with them, I just delete them..

    If you installed the instant DVD (or something like that) from Studio 10, try to remove it. There has been several issues pertaining to this issue that this feature does not work at all and causes too many problems. Maybe this is whats causing you not to open D drive or other files.

    If you delete your video files which you had previously done and had not deleted the projects, you can re-capture your same video and just click open project and you may get your project back without any problems.

    Try to install the latest patch (10.7)

    Check to see if you dont have any other programs running. I believe sp3 has nothing to do to cause any problems at all, cause I have sp3 too and have had no issues with it.

    Good Luck.

    Save Mpeg files into AVI files, will work much better for you.

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