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Re: Blue exclamation mark in my Project Player screen

  •  09-15-2008, 2:36

    Re: Blue exclamation mark in my Project Player screen

    Hello Beadle,

    Once you delete your video into the trash bin and does not fit in there, you delete the whole video from your computer and not even restoring the computer to an earlier time or date will not get your video back. Try to install the latest patch for Studio 10 which is either 10.7 or 10.8 and see if anything changes with your program. Also re-capture your video again into your computer and re-edit it again ( I know its time consuming, but its worth the try). If you captured your movie in mpeg, put the movie into the timeline and make an AVI file to see if it also works. If you use a laptop or desktop computer, try using an external hard drive to save your videos in (thats the way I usually do it). Good luck.

    P.S. : SP2 and SP3 are the service packs that microsoft provides for security issues for the internet users only. If you dont use internet at all, you dont need this service packs.

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