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Re: valid input signal has not been detected

  •  09-11-2008, 14:21

    Re: valid input signal has not been detected

    hey sorry it took me a while to reply ive had internet problems, all from my ISP i might add and not myself :D


    anyway, here are the 2 youtube links which basically say the same thing, it allows you to record using dazzle with pal 60hz tv



    basically what u need to do is:

    • open windows movie maker
    • go to capture -> config and choose NTSC_433
    • then click next next next until u see the preview screen
    • at the moment a black and white preview will be displayed.
    • open AMCap (downloadable from google) and choose the setting SECAM_B
    • an error message will display saying already in use or some such... just close the AMCap after this
    • voila you can record in colour on windows movie maker


    i hope this works for everyone else :D strange way of doing it but it worked for me

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