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Re: valid input signal has not been detected

  •  09-04-2008, 8:38

    Re: valid input signal has not been detected


    A passive filter, such as the Y splitter, only has hardwire connections. If you connect it to your xbox and then connect to two other devices, it will double terminate the xbox. Each device has a 75 ohm input impedance. An active filter has an amplifier between the input and the outputs. Each output is independent from each other, therefore doesn't double terminate the output of the xbox. These devices require some type of power to operate.



    yeah that seems to be the case with the double termination, do u think having the active filter will make it work? even though the other guy seems to think it shouldnt work properly with pal 60hz tv anyway?


    if so can u tell me where i can get one please?

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