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Re: Here we go again...now its the dazzle

  •  09-02-2008, 13:50

    Re: Here we go again...now its the dazzle

    It just doesn't show up in certain spots it will sometime travel to the entire screen. If you look closely it almost looks like there is another video playing within those little squares. Its all colorful. Big Smile
    Hi Susie

    BittMann pinged and said there is a damsel in distress somewhere in the world .....................


    Unfortunately for you, imo he is correct with his diagnosis re the camera having problems playing back known good older recordings.

    This can happen due to :

    1. Dirty heads/cylinder and guides

    2. Worn heads/cylinder and guides

    3. Incorrect back-tension on the supply spool

    4. Mechanical deformation of the cassette mechanism disturbing the tape-path alignment

    5. Funky electronics


    Unfortunately if you have already tried a cleaner tape (have you?) you will need to submit the cam for repair together with one of the older recordings as evidence/demonstration as all 5 of the items above is a bit involved for Joe (Suzie?) Bloggs to tackle on their own.

    Personally, I doubt that you have a #5, and would guess a #3 to be the problem item in your case - you can probably confirm this yourself by doing a short, fresh recording on a new tape right at the start of the tape (10 seconds worth of recording) and then playing that back on the cam - chances are any short, new recording will be OK, but longer recordings will suffer

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