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Re: poor quality menus

  •  08-07-2008, 8:58

    Re: poor quality menus

    I have the same problem.

    Created a clip with a 4 sec menu from scratch with still pictures and 4 sec still picture HDDVD video. In Studio 11 Ultimate I get a great looking HDDVD menu,  whereas in Studio 12 Ultimate the quality is very poor.

    The size of   HVDVD_TS file created is an indication of the difference, 12.8 MB (13,471,744 bytes) in Studio 11  versus 4.99 MB (5,238,784 bytes) in Studio 12.

    I have read all the blogs on this subject and tweaked the settings as some suggsts but the results remain the same.
    I hope this will get addressed by Pinnacle.


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