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Video Creator Platinum (Studio 10 and Random Problems)

  •  06-29-2008, 14:32

    Video Creator Platinum (Studio 10 and Random Problems)

    Today after several weeks of saving I finally purchased my Dazzle Video Creator Premium, a capture card pack from the good folks at Pinnacle. I made sure to verify that it was compatible with Vista, which a little sticker on the box seemed to confirm it was.

    I take the system home and begin installing the software. After installing three disks (An estimated 30 minutes has elapsed) I attempt to run Studio 10 only to get the following error message: The procedure entry point MpHeapReAlloc could not be located in the dynamic link library ODBC32.dll

    After digging for some help I reinstall though a less than conventional means to no avail, and then fully reinstall the software, once again changing nothing. After about three reinstalls I discover a patch which will apparently make my software work on Vista. I go to download it only to discover you have to register before being able to do so. No biggie I thought, knowing that as long as the patch was free it didn't bother me too much. I go to register only for it to tell me to register my product. I click on the product I intend to register only for the site to essentially refresh my page, erasing all info. I never even got so far as a screen to input my e-mail address. So for an encore I remember one of the programs I installed earlier prompting me to register. I uninstall and reinstall, this time following through on registering. It brings me to a screen revealing I have no internet connection (Lies, dammit). I try a means of opening this registration screen up on another computer via link (Provided by the software) and the link turns up dead.

    Finally I decide to e-mail support. I register there (Which seems like a completely separate entity from the site I need to register on) and tell them my problems. Instead of getting a human response I get several automated "problem solvers", none of which helping me in any way.

    Please help me, it's been 5 hours since I've brought this damned thing home and I'm leaving tomorrow, would like to get it installed and working before I have to abandon it for a day. And I don't know what these weird links are on the bottom, I copy and pasted this from another site I asked for help on and these are showing up, apologies, but they only link to weird images anyway so, pay them no mind.
    Either way, any help is appreciated, I've been a Dazzle supporter since I bought the Dazzle 80 a few years ago. Worked fine for me and I really hope I get to use this one. 
    [click to view image] [click to view image] vbrep_register("223243") [click to view image]
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