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Downloading S12 Ultimate...BIG OOOPS

  •  06-21-2008, 22:36

    Downloading S12 Ultimate...BIG OOOPS

    Ordered the download to S12 a couple of days ago...all set up and ready to load, and things are looking good...until...

    they ask me for the serial number! The Customer Rep didn't give me any kinda number and yeah, I know I need one. No kinda email from Pinnacle to say, "Hey, Shmuck, yer gonna need this at 12:22 AM Saturday night when you download this thing. I feel like some kinda rookie here. the Rep gave me the Pinnacle unlock and a password but there is no place to enter the password just loong serial numbers.

    So, any ideas here. The download comes in two parts and this is just part 1. I am now stuck with this download on my desktop, and will not let me do anything else. Should I:

    1.  find a way to back out of the download

    2. shut down the computer

    3. Run screaming into the streets

    I shoulda asked for the serial number.


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