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Re: This product uses no or an invalid Product ID. Please reinstall the software - Solved

  •  06-10-2008, 11:01

    Re: This product uses no or an invalid Product ID. Please reinstall the software - Solved

    Hello patricio,

    I don't know if you figured out this problem, but I had the exact same issue and in the end I solved it like this...

    1). Uninstall & Delete EVERYTHING related to Pinnacle. Use the "RegDelete" Marc P. mentions too. Use the "all products" selection. Then go to your C drive > programs folder and delete the Pinnacle
         folder as well. You'll have to open your task manager and stop a "USB.exe" process that is running. But, be sure to rid your computer of absolutely all of it. I'd also suggest using C-Cleaner and clean
         out your Temp. files & Registry with it. C-Cleaner is free to use and download: http://www.ccleaner.com/  -   I'd highly recommend CCleaner - it kicks butt!

    2). Next, re-start your computer, load the Pinnacle Studio Quickstart disc and then install the program on there.
    ... Use the serial number on the back of the package it comes in.

    3). I didn't bother registering the product - I just hit the remind me later option. Next, I went to the Pinnacle website and grabbed the; "Version 10.7" update. And, lastly installed that. 
         And, finally, re-started the computer on last time. It all works perfectly now. 

    I believe that the problem lies in Pinnacle's "Instant DVD Recorder." software installation. They recommended you install it first in their instructions. However, it seems to
    corrupt the Studio 10's Serial I.D. if you install that program first. On my re-installation, I never bothered with the Instant DVD Recorder program at all. I was only after
    capturing the video off of an old camcorder I own with the Dazzle unit. After all of this crap, I don't think I will bother risking an install of the Instant DVD Recorder program.

     Everything works 100% - Hope this Helps You & perhaps others too!

    ~ Lyle H.


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