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Re: Studio 12 or Studio Vista?

  •  05-28-2008, 12:43

    Re: Studio 12 or Studio Vista?

    i hope i can get s12 ... i paid for the upgrade from Studio Plus 10.8 to Studio Plus 11.1.2 just 9 days ago

    when i start the program, it tells me that version 12 is now available! ... i have spent 3 weeks with tech support and they never mentioned that i didn't buy the latest version or that one was soon available

    on top of that, i had trouble with my Dazzle DVC150 so i spent the money to buy Dazzle DVC170

    guess, what?!!! ... Tech Support tells me that Dazzle DVC170 won't work with Studio! ... Hey, they made the product and won't support it.

    my recommendation is to spend the money on a better support software

    i have at least 6 versions of Studio and none of them properly capture analog videos and Dazzle DVC

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