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Re: Studio 12.1 (Studio 12.0 with "smart install")

  •  05-27-2008, 10:05

    Re: Studio 12.1 (Studio 12.0 with "smart install")

     The pre-order advice should at least disclose the system requirements.  Does it? 

    To edit and burn large, complex high definition projects in native format can require a heckuva lot of CPU and GPU, especially if the format is AVCHD.  If the system requirements of Studio 12 are a "one size fits all" geared to the extreme high end, it could be a headache or useless to users who either intend to stick with standard definition or cannot or will not upgrade to quad core / NVIDIA GF 9000 (etc).  Some users might hope to get more out of 12 than 11 without upgrading their desktop (just months after another upgrade) or ditching the notebook.  Hopefully, Studio 12.0 installation "reads" the users system specs to make the operation compatible.  Otherwise, there may be an urgent need for a 12.1.

    I simply hope to burn 1440x1080 60i 13 mbps AVCHD with menus to 25 GB BluRay discs with a 2.4 ghz core 2 duo / NVIDIA 8400.

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