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How to archive or transfer video files over 1 gigabyte

  •  05-27-2008, 9:43

    How to archive or transfer video files over 1 gigabyte

    Standard DVD projects break up the stream files in the disc image to units no larger than 0.9 GB, so that a 4 GB project will have 4 or so files in the disc stream folder.  Studio 11.12 AVCHD projects do no such division.  If a project is 6 GB, there will be simply one big m2ts file in the stream folder.  Windows Vista Home 32 does not allow one to copy files larger than 1 GB from one hard drive to another.  This is a setback to archive management.  If you try to copy a disc image from one hard drive to another, stream files over 1 GB get left behind. 

    Presumably, this same problem could exist if one imports or exports a single clip or video file of any format above 1 GB.   AVI files can be huge.  But my only hitch has been with AVCHD m2ts files.

    Does anyone know any solutions to this?  Do MAC or other non MS system users encounter a similar constraint?

    I pray that Studio 12 will break up stream files for large projects in a way that keeps them below the threshold for movement between drives. 

    The odd thing is that Windows does not prevent me from burning large m2ts files to a data DVD.

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