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How to fix change in hard drive addresses when adding new drives?

  •  05-22-2008, 10:04

    How to fix change in hard drive addresses when adding new drives?

    Video work uses lots of hard drive space!  High definition work uses an unholy amount of memory.

    I just got a TB external drive to supplement my existing smaller ones.  I'm sure some people must use whole rooms full of multiple servers and drives.

    Other people have observed this: when you add a new hard drive to a port, Windows may assign it the letter address of an existing drive.  This can make it impossible for Studio to find the files for a project that used a letter address for an older drive now taken by the new one.

    I mistakenly assumed I would not suffer this fate because my new drive used an ESATA port I though would simply get an address from the next unused letter in the alphabet.  Wrong.  It took over the letter of an older drive, and pushed forward the addresses of the others by one letter.

    There might be all kinds of convoluted work-arounds for this dilemma.  But is there a manual way simply to change the letter address of the drives?  To right-click the mouse and rename the directory does no good.  It changes the name, but not the address.  How to change an address (F:) to perhaps (K:)?

    Thanks for any advice.

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