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Re: Studio 12.0 Beta Forum

  •  05-15-2008, 8:11

    Re: Studio 12.0 Beta Forum

    I don't think anyone took notice of my observations about Avid's corporate outlook.

    There is a world beyond what we see through the videocam viewfinder or the edit storyboard.

    Avid's current share price of $23 is a discouraging faction of the $60 price two years ago.  It lost money first quarter and may do so again in second quarter.  The current "market capitalization" is $857m is still a bit above the $640m book value, which suggests there are some who believe the firm is worth more alive than broken up, but nearly 8m of the 37m outstanding shares are on short sale.  This is a fairly high ratio of vultures to canaries.  Given the depressed share prices of mainy software firms, I cannot imagine who would buy and preserve the Pinnacle franchise the way Avid could in 2005.  A worthy Studio 12 might entice a strategic investor to preserve the product.  However, if Studio 12 were to give a problem audition, there would probably not be investor money to keep the product going or spend to develop a version 13.

    My sense is that Avid will need to produce a turnaound in its professional video earnings by September, or the senior officers and strategic shareholders will seek a solution like Pinnacle did in 2005, but that may not be easy.

    Meanwhile, if there is to be a Studio 12 at all, it would be reassuring to learn whether there is a beta forum, even if secret.  First, it would indicate that Studio 12 is more than just a rumor.  Second, it would lend to credence that the product has been vetted and will not be a buggy fright.

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