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Re: old HFX not showing up in Studio Plus 11 or HFX Editor

  •  04-30-2008, 21:29

    Re: old HFX not showing up in Studio Plus 11 or HFX Editor

    Thanks for the info. I did go to Declic Video...one of my favorite sites...and did download and use the vista fix....and that solved some of it, but some of the old Declic transitions I downloaded will still not work (some of the objects or backgrounds are missing). So I have deleted them and plan to try to re-install them.  Hopefully that will work.

      So this is one of my problems. I actually have 2 transitions that I created myself using a 3d image I found on a website that worked great before in vs 9. I did the export in 5.5 in the past, and found that and did double clicked on it, and it looked like it worked fine, but the 3d image I imported does not show up in studio 9....just the backgrounds, but not the object...but I did check and the .lwo file is under objects. Any thoughts????

      Thanks again. You are all so wonderful.  By the way...are there any tutorials/videos on how to create motion menus??? I sure learned alot on the transition videos in the past.



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