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Re: Vitascene problem

  •  06-21-2007, 8:20

    Re: Vitascene problem

    To Pinnacle: When there are updates to VitaScene and a need for support, will that come from Pinnacle? 

    I'm bumping this up as I didn't get any response from anyone or Pinnacle. Hopefully, more people have had an opportunity to check out VitaScene and will have some input. The following is an edited copy of my earlier post.

    The problem is that the preview monitor in VitaScene does not always show the correct video. Sometimes it shows the first 20 seconds of your project and not the clip which has been selected. After setting an effect and exiting with F12, the effect is applied to the entire selected clip, you just can't see it in the vitascene preview monitor to make your settings. Some projects seem to work OK, others do not. All projects were made with S10. Some new projects, made for test in S11 also show these problems. There are times, when the VitaScene preview monitor doesn't show any video at all, yet when you exit, the effect has been applied to your selected clip.

    One test which seems to be repeatable is to take a clip, say one that is 30 secs duration, and one that has changing video so you can determine where you are in the clip. Go into the clip about 10 seconds, make a razor cut, then advance the scrubber 10 seconds and make a second razor cut. Now select that center portion of the clip and apply the VitaScene effect. When I do this, my VitaScene preview monitor displays the first segment of the clip, and when I exit with F12 the effect has been applied to the second segment, the one which I had selected.

     Also, there is no help from the manual, it's extremely limited. Their website indicates that a tutorial DVD will be coming soon.




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