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Re: Slow Motion Question

  •  04-07-2008, 23:35

    Re: Slow Motion Question



    Thank you very much for the advice,  Yes, I do want the enlarged clip to push all clips to the right automatically when slomo is applied. I would have thought that this should be a function when in film mode.   If I  remember right this did work before dynamic time warp came in to play. 

     What I am trying to accomplish is to apply slomo to about 75 clips in a whole project.  I target my raw clips in the sequence to 50% of a total songs length.  i.e. if a client choses a song that is 3 minutes long I try to adjust and keep the entire raw clips sequence to 1 minute and 30 seconds and when a place the slow mo on each clip it will give me the desired affect and song length for the highlight video.  This work is for wedding ceremonies that I shoot (for highlight) and edit on-site at the reception and add this highlight to the couples photo montage that was created earlier.  All of this is presented at the wedding reception on a big screen same day.

    What I have been doing do get around this is to adjust my clips to about 3-6 seconds each, add dissolves and then fuse all clips into one single clip and then add the slowmo to obtain the correct song length.  Again my desired effect is to get 50% slowmo.  The reason I asked for the above is so I could adjust on the timeline each clip and set to the beat of the music which would make the video even better.



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