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Re: Best capture hardware for Studio 11

  •  03-27-2008, 3:36

    Re: Best capture hardware for Studio 11

    I have a Canopus ADVC-300, and it serves all of my capture requirements (VHS, s-video).   It was relatively expensive, but there are cheaper models within the Canopus range.   The ADVC-300 is '2-way', but the cheaper version is '1-way', i.e. from source to PC only.  I connect from my VCR with a Scart to audio L/R - video composite cable into the front of the 300, and the back of the device connects directly to my PC with a DV connection.

    Also comes with software for cleaning up blacks, whites, and red-bleed etc on old VHS.  Inputs PAL, NTSC and SECAM.   Outputs PAL, SECAM.    I am not particularly technical but after a short spell of initial frustration getting used to some of the DIP switch settings on the device the box now satisfies all of my immediate needs for VHS transfer, and it may be that I am not using it to its full potential yet.    It guarantees absolutely 'no dropped frames or lip-sync errors', via some clever internal circuitry and has been excellent on some of my older degraded videos, which I have managed to clean up.   Comes with a software CD.

    Shop around (e-bay, etc).   If you trust the second-hand market you might get a good deal.

    Worth checking out.   I have loaned it to friends for one-off transfer projects and they have been suitably impressed.   However it is an expensive option if you only have a few transfers to do. 

    Best Of Luck

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