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Re: Vitascene problem

  •  06-15-2007, 8:03

    Re: Vitascene problem


    I have found that some projects seem to work OK with vitascene. These are projects which have already been razor cut and edited in S10. If I select a segment and apply the vitascene filter, I get the correct video in the preview screen of vitascene. Other projects don't react the same way, no matter which scene I select, the effect is applied to that scene, but some other scene will show in the vitascene preview. On the projects that work, I tried saving the project with S11, and it still worked. If I made an AVI file from the project, then razor cut a segment, applied the vitascene effect, I did not get the correct picture in the vitascene preview monitor. So far I have not been able to establish a pattern. Perhaps someone else can try to get a handle on this problem.

    Also, to some extent the key frames seem to work as I would expect. Vitascene looks like a great tool, I hope we can get it to function properly.

    If you have background rendering turned on and do a vitascene effect, the background rendering will not begin until you close the video tool box.



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