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Re: Retrieving lost edited Studio PLau 10.7 project

  •  03-25-2008, 5:30

    Re: Retrieving lost edited Studio PLau 10.7 project

    Thanks for the info. My project folder is stored under "My documents/Pinnacle Studio/My projects, that was never deleted. The data within the project was somehow deleted. Project folder is 44mb in size with 1136 files, so it's all stored in there. I don't know about an associated STX file. There is an associated Studio Project file which shows  0kb, as all my projects do.

    Thanks for informing about the audio bug, never came across it in my 2 - 3 years of working with Studio Plus.

    My husband has been working on studio now ( I'm at work and he's at home) and he tells me that lots of things are happening to the footage; stalling, showing black etc. I think I'm going to unistall the software and reinstall tonight.

    If I have install the 10.8 patch, can I work on my projects that were saved in 10.7?

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