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Retrieving lost edited Studio PLau 10.7 project

  •  03-25-2008, 0:08

    Retrieving lost edited Studio PLau 10.7 project

    Hi there

    After finishing editing a wedding movie, which took days to edit, I began to include music to the project.

    I added 1 track (a track which I've used in other wedding movies), didn't like it so I deleted the track, I then closed the project.

    When I opened the project again ALL the data was gone, only an empty project appeared.

    Is there any way of retrieving the project, is there a backup file hidden somewhere?

    Please help, this delay is going to cost me dearly.

    PS. I tried starting to recreate the project but there seems to be another bug. When I I start adjusting the volume on the timeline, I can't 'Delete volume setting' or 'Remove volume settings'. I went into an old project and these volume functions work????



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