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Vitascene problem

  •  06-14-2007, 18:17

    Vitascene problem

    I had first posted this in the general forum, not knowing this forum existed. The following is a copy of my post there.

    I hope this is the proper place.

    The problem is that the preview monitor in vitascene always shows the first 20 seconds of your project and not the clip which has been selected. After setting an effect and exiting with F12, the effect is applied to the entire selected clip, you just can't see it in the vitascene preview monitor to make your settings.

    When using the key frames, changing an effect settings at different key frames doesn't react like I'm used to seeing in other keyframe events. I expected the change in effect to occur gradually, but it is an instantaneous change at the key frame point. Perhaps there is a way to accomplish this and I just am not aware of it. Also, there is no help from the manual, it's extremely limited. Their website indicates that a tutorial DVD will be coming soon.

    To Pinnacle: When there are updates to Vitascene and a need for support, will that come from Pinnacle?



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