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Studio 11 hangs during rendering.

  •  03-16-2008, 15:25

    Studio 11 hangs during rendering.

    Last month I upgraded from Studio 10+ to Studio 11+. The main reason was a bug in Studio 10 that made the program hang during rendering. I have a JVC hard disk camera, which produces video files in MPEG2 format, using the AC3 audio codec. When this is rendered to a DVD compatible MPEG2 file (explicitly, or implicitly by making a DVD), a minimal rendering is needed, as most of the material can be copied unchanged to the MPEG2 file. Only the transitions, the effects (which I do not use much) and the sound needs processing. The problem, however, is that there seems to be a probability of about 5% that the program hangs when it goes from one scene to the next during rendering.

    What I see is that suddenly the progress bar and the counter with the frame number being processed, stop. This always happens on a boundary between two scenes. I can still click the Cancel butten, but then to program stops reacting completely and I have to use Windows to end the program. If I then restart the program and, without any modification, start again to render the project, it hangs at a different place in the project, but again exactly on a boundary between two scenes. In Studio 10, the length of the project did not matter, only the number of scenes. A project with less then 10 scenes normally rendered without problems. A project with 40 or more scenes was practically impossible to finish. So I had to start using small projects, using the resulting intermediate MPEG2 files in bigger projects, etc., keeping the number of scenes in one project below 20.

    The main reason to go from Studio 10 to Studio 11 was that I heard that Studio 11 had less stability problems. However, it seems that this bug is still present. I did not experiment a lot yet with Studio 11. I now have a project of about 23 minutes and about 160 scenes. I have tried to render it a few times now, but it hang again each time at a different position, exactly at the boundary of two scenes. It never came further than about 40 scenes. Similar as what I know from Studio 10. There is one difference: if it does not hang, the boundary between two scenes is rendered smoother in Studio 11. In Studio 10 the rendering often slowed down near the boundary between two scenes.

    I wonder:

    1) whether anyone else sees similar problems,

    2) whether it happens only with similar source footage

    3) whether there are other suggestion to work around the problem, than to cut the project again in very small sub-projects.

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