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Re: failure to burn?

  •  03-06-2008, 5:38

    Re: failure to burn?

    Hey!  this is the very same issue i have had in the past, but I never thought of changing to a dvd+R disk, as I have always used dvd-R

    I have 3 projects making up my vacation in asia.

    Disk 1 with titles, fades etc... etc... and MENUS, rendered and burned perfectly. 

    Disk2 however, (Different footage) same everything else, FAILED.  Looking at the disk, its burned only half way. I am using studio 11.1.2 and editing in HI-DEF.  but burning in DVD.

    I have had this issue before with studio 10, and what i do is when I create a project, i save it under a different file name every once and a while ( I may have 10 or more different files of the same project). 

    So now what i do is go back to a previous save, and try and burn WITHOUT the MENU.  If is works, i just do the menu again and resave it.

    I hope this works tonight when i get home and try it.... IF NOT!  i will try a DVD+ disk and see if that will help.

    thanks for the tip.....I will advise you all on the outcome.

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