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Re: new hardware wish list

  •  03-04-2008, 10:04

    Re: new hardware wish list


    Question #2-   I was looking at also going from my gforce 8800 to the radion series after reading that they are superior for video editing etc...

    I see that there is the ATI Radion Diamond Multimedia HD 3870 X2 1gb.   I saw it on Ebay for about $400.

    I think it must be new, and the top end ?



    Yes it's new, and yes it's the top end, but it's really overkill for video editing.  THe X2 1gb is actually two HD 3870 512Mb video cards on the same board, running in Crossfire mode.  It's really designed for super-duper high-end game players -- even with video editing, you just don't get the benefit of having the two cards running in parallel. Plus, you may have to consider beefing up other parts of your system, like the power supply if it can't provide enough extra power (550 - 600W would be minimum), and maybe even adding another internal fan to help keep the system cool.

    You can get a plain HD 3870 512Gb for around $210, and the sweet price/performance point right now seems to be the HD 3850 cards (under $200 for 512Mb, around $150 for 256Mb).  They use the same graphics chip as the 3870, just clocked a little slower out of the box. If you're comfortable with playing around with overclocking the card (probably not necessary for video editing), you can tweak it to almost the same performance as the 3870. If you're already running the 8800, I think your power supply should handle the 38X0 cards.

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