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new hardware wish list

  •  03-04-2008, 5:48

    new hardware wish list

    hi all,

    YES, i have searched the forums and im finding it hard to find a message that fits my question.

    I would like to get another new system, but i dont want to spend tons of cash if my performance doesnt improve for studio work.


    Question #1 - I am looking at upgrading to a quad core prosessor over the dual core I already have.  With VISTA business version, ( i think its 64 bit)  I am unsure after reading the posts here that studio will use the capabilties of the quads.  Can anyone help with this ?


    Question #2-   I was looking at also going from my gforce 8800 to the radion series after reading that they are superior for video editing etc...

    I see that there is the ATI Radion Diamond Multimedia HD 3870 X2 1gb.   I saw it on Ebay for about $400.

    I think it must be new, and the top end ?


    Question #3 - A have read that many of you have installed the "raptor" hard drive?  Is this just a high end Hard drive that is super fast ?  is it cool to use it a C drive ?


    Anyways.... this forum is a total saviour to me in many ways, and your help, as always, is appreciated.




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